RRSA + School Council: New School Improvement Plan

RRSA + School Council: New School Improvement Plan

RRSA and School Council have been working hard to produce their own School Improvement Plan and here it is:
Middleton Primary and Nursery School
School Improvement Plan 2018-19


Make sure that the Rights Respecting School Award is part of everyone’s education at Middleton and try to achieve the Gold award again.


Make sure that the adults who help run the school (staff and governors) are working together to do the best they can for everyone at Middleton.

Keep the school running as normally as we can during the building works, and be ready for having an extra class start each year.

Teaching and learning

Teachers will try to help us to get even better at Maths and Writing. We will be given more time to do longer pieces of Writing by ourselves.

When we find things harder in Reading, Writing and Maths, teachers will try to give us extra help so we can catch up.

Vikings at Lakeside

Vikings at Lakeside

On Tuesday 27th February, Year 3 went to the Lakeside Arts Centre to explore what life was like as a Viking. The children had opportunities to create different types of jewellery and developed Viking Poetry with a young poet Laureate from Nottingham called Georgina Wilding.
The children also had time to visit the exhibition where they engaged with the information and played games as well as dressing up as a Viking person.

French Big Mic Winners

French Big Mic Winners

3M won the French Big Mic Competition yesterday. Their French was excellent and Mr Lantelme was very pleased with the pronunciation.Well done to you all for a superb performance and good luck to 3T for the return match in February. Joyeux Noël à tous!

Football Match Staff  vs Pupils July 2017

Football Match Staff vs Pupils July 2017

The muggy weather on Wednesday morning didn’t alter any spirits at the latest pupils v teachers football game at Middleton Primary School. As the players took to their positions on the pitch, pupils lined up at the sides eager to cheer on their peers, or for some , their favourite teachers. The adults were sure to face stiff competition but they never expected such a skillful display from the children.The final score doesn’t need any comment: 3 – 1.Following this crushing defeat to the Year 6/5 squad , the teachers have decided to be back with a vengeance next year.