Welcome to the Middleton Governors’ page

Andrew Hall


Chair of Governors

All the governors are very proud of our school. It is welcoming, with a happy inclusive atmosphere where all children are encouraged to achieve their full potential, not only in their educational learning but also in sports, creativity and social awareness.  You will see examples of the school’s activities in a wide range of areas throughout this website.

Our role

 We are responsible for the overall work of Middleton Primary and Nursery School and for promoting high standards. We aim to ensure that it is a successful school, which provides its children with a good education and supports their well-being.

Who we are

 The governing body is made up of six parent-governors who are elected by the parents and six co-opted governors, two staff governors and the Head Teacher. Our term of office is four years. None of our governors have any relevant financial or pecuniary interests and none of them have a governance role at any other schools.

What we do

  •  We set the strategic direction of the school
  •  We challenge and support the school by monitoring, reviewing and evaluating
  •  We hold the school to account for its work
  •  We make sure parents and pupils are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate
  •  We make information available to the community

How we work

 We have one full governor meeting and two sub-committee meetings every term. We also have Link Governors who look closely at particular aspects of the school’s work and make regular visits to school to meet staff and children.

Contacting the governors

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions we would really like to hear from you. You can contact the governors either by approaching any of us in person or via the school office.

Becoming a Governor

 Any parent can stand for election to the governing body. If you are interested in becoming a school governor, and would like more information, please speak to the Head Teacher or to any of the governors.

Further information about Governors is available at the Nottingham City Council website

Middleton Primary and Nursery School Governing Body 2016-17

Name Category Appointing Body Term of office expires Committee Membership Link/s & Responsibilities Year Group Link Position
Andrew HallAndrew Co-opted Governing Body 12/12/18 Resources Cttee Pupils & Strategy Cttee School Improvement, HT Appraisal, Staff Dismissal Appeal Cttee KS1 Chair
Gary McDermottGary Co-opted Governing Body 06/10/20 Resources Cttee Pupils & Strategy Cttee Health and Safety, Governor Training, Pupil Discipline Cttee  Co-Vice Chair
Ed BashforthEd Co-opted Governing Body 28/11/18 Resources Cttee Maths, Pay Committee, Staff Dismissal Appeal Cttee Chair of Resources Cttee
Ghufran Shahghufran Parent Parent Election 01/12/19 Resources Cttee English Link Governor

Policy Review Working Group

 Y3/4 & Y5/6
Russ DickinsonRuss Co-opted Governing Body 16/10/19 Resources Cttee English, Pay Committee, Staff Dismissal Cttee KS1
Chris Stapleton


Parent Parent Election  12/12/20  Pupils and Strategy Cttee  Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND)  T.B.C.
Cllr Sally LongfordSally Local Authority Co-opted 03/10/20 Pupils & Strategy Cttee Pupil Premium / Looked After Children, HT Appraisal, Staff Dismissal Appeal Cttee  Y5/6
Kathryn JakubiakKathryn Parent Co-opted 19/11/20 Pupils & Strategy Cttee School Improvement, Pay Committee, Staff Dismissal Cttee Year 5/6  Co-Vice Chair
Helen EmmettHelen Parent Parent Election 19/05/17 Resources Cttee Maths, Pay Committee, Staff Dismissal Cttee
Dawn Fox"Daw Parent Parent Election 19/05/17 Pupils and Strategy Cttee School Improvement, Art  Chair of Pupils and Strategy Committee
Jill Theobald



Parent Parent Election 04/12/17 Pupils and Strategy Cttee Safeguarding TBC
Emilie Daniel



Parent Parent Election 12/12/20 Pupils and Strategy Cttee TBC TBC