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What we’ve been up to…

Year 1 Ice Skating Lessons Spring 2019

Some children from 1K have written about our 6 ice skating lessons.

Year 1 went Ice Skating. Ice is slippy but if someone goes to ice skating you want to fall and get freezing. You need safety. You need gloves and coats and a scarf too When I went ice skating I was nervous but I did it and I was delicate. SR

Year 1 went to ice skating. I felt scared there my first time. The last time I felt I could do it and i miss it. Someone one dancing in a blue circle. I love ice skating. SG

Year 1 went to ice skating. I was scared to go on the ice. The teacher said I was good. I was surprised to go on the ice. I love ice skating. I found it easier when I carried on. SV

Year 1 ice skaing. Firse when we went ice skating I was scared. But then I got used to it. I was a little more clam. Every Wednesday I got really excited and more. When I got there I always tried my best. Ice skating is real hard but when you practise it gets easier and easier. After we were learning we had fun time. When we were going I got sad. IM

This term year 1 went ice skating. The first time going ice skating I was proud of myself for going ice skating and not holding onto the side. I was excited to go. James was good at ice skating because he is good a roller skating. A

Year 3 – French in The Sun

It is this time of the year when our pupils can enjoy the outdoor and run around while learning and discovering. This morning we had French outside and we loved every minute of it. We run four races and many different winners with perfect French.