Payments (sQuid)

sQuid Cashless Catering/Offers System

We are pleased to be able to offer parents/carers the opportunity to use our cashless sQuid system to pay for school dinners and other trips. This greatly reduces the amount of cash brought in to the school and offers an easy way for parents/carers to pay for school lunches and other activities/trips/offers. If you wish your child to stay for a healthy school lunch, cooked on our premises, we would prefer that you use the sQuid system but you can also pay to the  school office using cash or cheque made payable to Nottingham City Council.

  • To pay for school meals, simply go onto your child’s sQuid account and choose the ‘catering purse’.
  • To pay for trips or other offers, instead of choosing the ‘catering purse’ select the item you wish to pay for and follow the on-screen instructions.

Using the sQuid payment method, you can make quick, secure online payments without the need to send cash or cheques into the school. All paid transactions can be viewed online anytime, and you will also receive an email confirming your purchase/s. You can top-up by bank transfer, or from a credit or debit card.

If you would prefer to purchase a ‘Paypoint Card’ – these are available from the School Office at a cost of £1.50 but can only be used to pay for school meals.

More information on all of the above can be found on the sQuid website

If you do not have details of your child’s sQuid account number/details, please contact the school office.


What we’ve been up to…

Girls Can Festival

We took part in the “Girls Can” event at Harvey Hadden Leisure center. Middleton was proud to be part of this initiative to encourage more girls to be active and take up sports. We spent a fun afternoon in company of 16 other primary schools.

This week’s challenges 26.2.18

This week’s Writing challenges To write about what you did over the half term holiday. Green Challenge  Write the first sound and some other sounds for each word. Orange Challenge  Can you link your words together to write a sentence? Try to remember to use finger spaces. Red Challenge  Use correct letter formation and finger spaces in your writing. Can you include a full stop? This week’s  Maths challenges To represent teen numbers. Green Challenge Can you represent 10? Orange Challenge  Can you represent 10 and add some more? Can you say which number you have made? Red Challenge  Can you represent any teen number? Convince me that you have made that number. Unit challenge To represent a...