Payments (sQuid)

Dear Parent/Carer

sQuid Cashless Catering/Offers System

We are pleased to be able to offer parents/carers the opportunity to use our cashless sQuid system to pay for school dinners and other trips. This greatly reduces the amount of cash brought in to the school and offers an easy way for parents/carers to pay for school lunches and other activities/trips/offers. Although alternative payment methods may be used for school trips and offers, if you wish your child to stay for a healthy school lunch, cooked on our premises, these can only be paid for using the sQuid system.

  • To pay for school meals, simply go onto your child’s sQuid account and choose the ‘catering purse’.
  • To pay for trips or other offers, instead of choosing the ‘catering purse’ select the item you wish to pay for and follow the on-screen instructions.

Using this payment method, you can make quick, secure online payments without the need to send cash or cheques into the school. All paid transactions can be viewed online anytime, and you will also receive an email confirming your purchase/s. You can top-up by bank transfer, or from a credit or debit card.

If you would prefer to purchase a ‘Paypoint Card’ – these are available from the School Office at a cost of £1.50.

More information on all of the above can be found on the sQuid website

If you do not have details of your child’s sQuid account number/details, please contact the school office.

School Business Manager

What we’ve been up to…

Football Match Staff vs Pupils July 2017

The muggy weather on Wednesday morning didn’t alter any spirits at the latest pupils v teachers football game at Middleton Primary School. As the players took to their positions on the pitch, pupils lined up at the sides eager to cheer on their peers, or for some , their favourite teachers. The adults were sure to face stiff competition but they never expected such a skillful display from the children.The final score doesn’t need any comment: 3 – 1.Following this crushing defeat to the Year 6/5 squad , the teachers have decided to be back with a vengeance next year.

Hockey Club at The Six Nations Tournament

We took our Hockey Club members to watch England vs Belgium in the Six Nations Tournament this week! We had fun cheering on our country and the children picked up some great skills and techniques that they later practised in Hockey Club!

This week’s challenges 17.07.17

This week’s writing challenges Can you write a message to the new children? Green Challenge to use enough correct letters that people can read your writing Orange Challenge   to remember to use finger spaces so that someone else can read your writing. Red Challenge to remember fingers spaces, a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end of your sentence. Can you use some digraphs and spell your bear words correctly? This week’s Maths challenges Can you use the language associated with money? Green Challenge  to use money to pay for items in the summer shop. Orange Challenge  to use the correct coin(s) to pay for items in the summer shop. Red Challenge to be the shop keeper and give the correct change.   Unit challenge To create an...