Middleton Primary & Nursery School Staff

MB 2.0

Mr Mark Brumwell

Head Teacher


Mrs Claire Sadler-Penn

Deputy Head Teacher

Safeguarding(designated Senior Lead), Pupil Performance Data, Pupil Premium, Curriculum, Looked After Children Designated teacher

Photo hr 2.0

Mrs Heather Ryan

School Business Manager

Educational Visits Leader


Mr Brian Mehew

Site Manager

Mrs Pauline Bartram

School Administrative Officer


Ms Sarah Smith

School Administrative Officer

& Clubs Coordinator

Richard Dejewsk Bursar

Mr Richard Dejewski



Foundation Stage

MID-E17-3436 KB

Mrs Kim Brown

Reception Teacher

EYFS Team Leader


Mrs Ruth Fletcher

Nursery Teacher F1


Mrs Ann Morrell

Nursery Teacher F1


Miss Sarah-Jane Tyrer

Reception Teacher

KK 2.0

Mrs Katrina Kelly

Reception Teacher


Mrs Jenna Widdowson

Reception Teacher


 Mrs Rachel Bannister

Reception Teacher


Mrs Emma Ancliff

Early Years Teaching Assistant


Mrs Amy Hill

Early Years Teaching Assistant

Miss Rebecca Greensmith

Early Years Teaching Assistant


Mrs Clare Bateman

Early Years Teaching Assistant


Mrs Kayleigh Skirton

Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Key Stage 1


Mrs Rebecca Freely

Year 1 Teacher


Mrs Katie Owens

Year 1 Teacher

KS1 Team Leader


Mrs Nadine Knight

Year 1 Teacher

Science Leader


Mrs Trudy Harvey

Year 2 Teacher

PSHE Co-ordinator


Mrs Halimah Aslam

Year 2 Teacher

Art Co-ordinator


Mrs Liz Holmes

 Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Gillian Dawn

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gaby Kaur

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant / Ethnic Minority Achievement Support



Mrs Joanne Hewitt

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Linda MacDonald

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant

DN 2.0

Mrs Daljit Nandra

Key Stage 1&2 Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2


Miss Phoebe Mavrommatis

Year 3 Teacher

Performing Art Co-ordinator

ST (a)

Miss Sarah Tanner

Year 3 Teacher

Year 3/4 Team Leader

English Coordinator

JB 2.0

Miss Jess Barron

Year 4 Teacher

JR 2.0

Mr Joe Rainford

Year 4 Teacher


Mr Neil Elliott

Year 5 Teacher

History Co-ordinator


  Mrs Charlotte Hills

Year 5 Teacher

Design and Technology Co-ordinator


Mrs Hannah Cook Year 6 Teacher

Year 5/6 Team Leader

Maths Co-ordinator

GJ 2.0

Mr Gwilym Jones

Year 6 Teacher

AMW 2.0.png(a)

Mrs Annabel McWilliam

Year 6 Teacher


Mrs Yasmin Khalique

PPA Teacher


Mrs Helen Baird

EMA Teacher


Mrs Sue Benton

ICT Teacher


Miss Sally Need

Music Teacher


Mrs Helena Harne

Learning Mentor


Mrs Vicky O’Shea

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Debbie Wilson

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Helen Upjohn

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Tara Rick

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sallyanne Bell

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sue Taylor

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Marie Claire Trout

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mr Jerome Lantelme

French Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Play Leader


Mrs Donna Marriott

Cover Teacher


Midday Supervisors

 Mrs R Ajaib Mrs S Akhtar Mrs L Booth
Mrs P Swali Mrs R Shaheen Mrs A Rattray
Mrs A Pandya Mrs S Langham Mrs R Delay
Miss D Fao Mrs G Virdi Mrs L Brailsford

Cleaning Staff

 Mrs N Aslam

Mrs F Khan

Mrs A Shah

Mrs D Flemming

Mrs N Naeem

Ms S Gordon

Mrs N Nargas

What we’ve been up to…

French Trip to Edale Rise Primary School

Some of our Year 5 children enjoyed their first language trip to watch a French clown at Edale Rise Primary School . They visited the school and then experienced a French restaurant managed by a very funny man and his puppet. All the pupils had a wonderful time and loved the fussball breaktime before the play.

Swimming Gala

A huge well done to Eddie, Joseph, Walter, Oliver, Kieran, Daniel, Nerys, Megan, Grace , Soraya, Hannah and Maisie, who all competed in a swimming gala this week. The children swam fantastically well, winning many of their races and with some close second places. Overall, the team placed in third position and were delighted to come home with a bronze medal each. The children were brilliant ambassadors for the school, congratulating and cheering on their competitors.

Year 1 visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park May 1st 2019

Some children from 1K have written about our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in May. Just to clarify, Mr Knight was not on the school trip. In Australia he had an altercation with a kangaroo when Mrs Knight, Mr Knight and their family were on holiday in 2015.

Year 1 went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and the polar bear was sitting in the water. I saw a giraffe in the distance. There were peachy brown camels. I spotted a leopard in the distance. There were 2 brown bears. There were wallabies and there was poo!! I loved my packed lunch. FC

This term year 1 1went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and we say loads of animals there. WE saw 2 brown bears and we saw a rhino that we eating some grass. I was scared of the tigers and we saw peachy brown camels in a group. We say a baby wallaby in its mothers pouch and there was lots of poo! JH

1K and 1F went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw lots of animals – tigers, lions and more. Some were very cheeky. The giraffes were tall. I was scared. The teachers guided us. We saw a brown bear just like in the Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see? book. Nature is clever. We saw a snake. You have to be careful because they are wild. My favourite one was the snake. It was fun. They were weird. BW

Year 1 went to the zoo. I was tempted to go. The animals were east to spot. Some animals were very delicate. It was funny when James and Eloise were acting out when Mr Knight fought a kangaroo. JG

Year 1 went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We had loads of fun. I saw some lions and I saw a camel. We learnt about animals. We had the chance to hold the animals and stroke the animals. After we finish we had to wash our hands. Mr Knight fought a kangaroo. We saw a wallaby. You have to be careful. MH

Year 1 went to the zoo. We saw a lion. We went to have lunch. I was terrified of the tiger because they are meat eaters. My favourite animal was the tiger. HA