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GSO Test

Online safety

Online safety is an important element of our safeguarding responsibility and of children's learning as they grow up in an increasingly digital world. It is about learning to understand and use technology in a positive way. Online safety is not just about restricting children, but about educating them about both the risks and benefits so they can feel confident and safe online.

It is also about educating ourselves - staff and parents/carers - so we are suitably informed to be able to support and understand children's use of the Internet and electronic devices.

We have a full online safety programme embedded into our curriculum framework so that all children have regular, age-appropriate learning opportunities. We also have occasional workshops and whole school focuses linked to online safety, such as during the annual Anti-Bullying Weeks and Internet Safety Day.

If you have any concerns or queries linked to your child's use of the Internet, gaming, social media and so on, please contact their class teacher or our school online safety coordinator, Mr Joe Rainford:

Middleton's Online Safety policy on, along with posters we display in school to remind children of some key points, can be found here:

Other useful information  and web links on e-safety: