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GSO Test


We are fortunate to have Monsieur Lantelme teaching French, as our chosen Modern Foreign Language, across all classes from Y1-Y6.  At home, children can  use the Language Angels software shown below that the school subscribes too, as well as the Glurbs software as shown below. If you have any queries, please email:

Language Angels: lots of games and activities to help improve French skills, login to Pupil Games, then both the username and password is la2023french (or la2023spanish is also available to us, particularly useful for Y6 children as Mr Lantelme teaches them some Spanish as well as French in readiness for secondary school).

Glurbs:  Let's have fun with languages! Glurbs is a unique method for language learners that blends together some fun, animated and interactive games with foreign language lessons. The learning and gameplay take place simultaneously and each is dependent on the other. The lessons have been carefully designed and created by language specialists to be fun and interactive while also improving the player’s linguistic ability. Glurbs puts the players in charge by giving them complete control over the lessons, games and progress. By completing lessons, players will unlock further gameplay, including new planets and mini games. The application is available on the AppStore and GooglePlay, just type Glurbs or visit the following website:









Resources for additional home learning compiled by Mr Lantelme:

 There are so many positive reasons to learn a new language, especially as a child. It can develop their curiosity, open mindedness, communication skills as well as increase their understanding of culture. When you are helping your child get started with learning a foreign language, having access to a good variety of fun and diverse resources is essential. At Middleton, we think videos are a great way to help children with their French listening skills, immerse them in francophone culture and keep them entertained.


Free resources:

KS1 and Year 3:


This channel is meant for toddlers and is filled with lullabies and nursery rhymes. They all use very simple vocabulary as well as visual support and sometimes gestures so your children can understand (and associate) what they see and what they hear!

Here, children will find videos to sing (with a selection of the best nursery rhymes and songs in French and English), to learn French (with educational videos to learn the alphabet, numbers, colours, days of the week etc...) and dream (with a selection of the best tales and stories by Grimm, Perrault or Andersen to listen to and watch as a family).

Foufou channel:

Foufou Channel is a fun and educational channel for the youngest. It contains videos to learn colours, the alphabet, but also animals in French, music and even English.


BBC Teach Primary French:

Suitable for ages 7 to 11. Ben links up online with children in France and practises French greetings before they take him on a virtual tour of their neighbourhood. A clip from a series teaching the basics of French.

Learn French with Blabber:

The Blabber Beasts are here to help you learn languages - starting with French, and German coming soon! Follow them on their mischievous adventures, and see how many languages you can learn. For children and grown-ups alike.

French with Mr Innes:

On this channel, you will discover the perfect way to learn French for beginners and young children! The videos can easily be used for home learning. Very good from Year 3 to Year 6!

Learn French online for beginners and children with great pronunciation, progressive vocabulary and strong grammar, while discovering the culture of France. With lots of humour, this is the best form of French language lessons!

French KS2 playlist:

French lessons for children and adults with 56 beginner French topics and 58 intermediate French topics to learn. Beginner lessons include Family members, Parts of the body, Pets, Numbers, etc. Intermediate lessons include Media, the environment, transport, etc. Beginner lessons have 10 items each. Intermediate lessons have 20 items each.

A Green Mouse:

French and Spanish Videos for Children under 14, Beginners and Intermediates, for use in class or for home learning - KS3, KS2, Elementary + Middle School. This language-learning YouTube channel provides French and Spanish language and grammar practice in friendly, subtitled, visual contexts, often via stories and cultural activities, + songs and nursery rhymes for pre-school children. It is best to use the videos alongside the free explanations, vocabulary, worksheets and interactive quizzes on the A Green Mouse website (no subscription required) -

French Games resources:

French-games is a free online resource for beginners and offers a complete set of French lessons, practice French games and quick French tests for over 100 topics, all free.

BBC Primary French:

Lots of videos and games for each KS2 year groups. Just click on a year group:

Year 5 and 6 Learn French with Pascal:

This channel is very visual and is great for children who have a visual memory (meaning they will memorize best when they see). For each concept or word, a short video is made with animated characters or drawings.

Hello World:

This website contains more than 700 mini games you can play. You can either choose to play games you already know (such as crosswords, puzzle, memory etc) or choose mini games meant to make you learn new things.


Duolingo Kids:

 This app is great if you want the language learning to be fun and in a game-like setting. You can learn vocabulary, conjugation, reading, writing, pronunciation, and listening skills on the app in a way that is competitive and fun. This app is fun and easy to use, and gets you the basics fast.


Free access to hundreds of books, games and quizzes! This app help your child to enjoy reading in French ( for children from 4 years old and up)

Songs to help you with vocabulary and grammar:

3 French songs about colours:

Colours song revision KS2:

Colours KS2:

Numbers 1 to 10:

Numbers 1 to 10 taught by a funny monster:

Numbers 1 to 20 :

Numbers 20 to 50:

Numbers 50 to 70:

Numbers 70 to 100:

Days of the Week Song in French:

Learning the Days of the Week in French!

French alphabet:

Teach yourself the alphabet in French with this classic BASHO & FRIENDS tune.

Masculine Feminine:

A lively song to practise parts of the body with a focus on masculine and feminine nouns.

Body Parts:

In this exciting adventure, children learn French words for body parts, family members, feelings, traits, and more.

Body parts song:

A funky version of the French Canadian traditional song Alouette, Gentille Alouette.

J’ai mal song:

Use this video to teach how to say, "it hurts" in French to your children.

Verb To Have French Present tense:

French teacher singing a song about the verb Avoir (to have).

French ER Verb:

French ER Verb 2:

French verb ER:

Clothes song:

A lively song to practise vocabulary for clothes and colours and a variety of other adjectives.

Clothes song 2:

Song about clothes.

French colours + adjectives agreement:

How Colours agree with nouns in French.

Fruits song:

Song to learn fruits

J’ai faim j’ai soif:

Song about being hungry, being thirsty etc

Avec un gros nez (body and animals):

Song about animals and body parts

Hobbies + days of the week in French:

Use this French music video to teach days of the week and hobbies.

Weather in French:

Use this video to teacher the Weather in French to your children.

Family song:

French verb ER:

Song to learn how to conjugate verbs finishing in ER:

Verb ER:

French verbs song extension ER / IR / RE:

Verb Faire To Do rap:

Verb faire – to do – Present tense ♫ Faire Conjugation Song (To Do) ♫ French Conjugation ♫

The best traditionnal songs to learn French as a child:

Frère Jaqcues:

Au Clair de la lune:

Une souris verte:

Pirouette cacahuète:

Petit escargot:

French cartoons:

Why are French cartoons a great resource to help children learn French?

At a young age, even native French children don’t fully understand all the vocabulary, but they can understand what is happening due to the bright images and tone of voice being used by the characters.

KS1 and Year 3:

Simon cartoons:

Simon, vous le connaissez, c’est cet irrésistible petit lapin qui dit « Caca Boudin » ! Découvre les aventures de Simon en dessin animé d'après les albums de Stephanie Blake.

Petit ours brun:

Petit Ours Brun is the companion of early childhood, this unique time when everything has the freshness of the first times, when one discovers with the same candor the sea, the wind, the snow, the boiled egg. Everything is important, but nothing is serious.


Aimed at young children, this animated TV show is about a little donkey named Trotro. The episodes are short (3 to 4 minutes) and the vocabulary is super simple. It explores easy and simple themes such as being nice, playing hide and seek, going to bed, playing with friends etc.

Caillou, four years old, is a sweet little boy. Kind, curious, a little timid at times, he seeks to understand the world around him, to grow and have fun. And the opportunities abound: with Caillou, small everyday events quickly turn into great adventures.

Learn French with Peppa Pig in French:


Le petit Nicolas:

A French classic! Funny stories about a little boy who often get into troubles. It is a pastiche of childish storytelling  and much of the humour derives from Nicolas’s misunderstanding of adults' behaviour.

Tintin movies:

Les aventures de Tintin is another show based on a popular comic book series. It follows the adventures of a young reporter as he travels the world, getting into all sorts of trouble. The show is perfect for children interested in adventure stories: Tintin in America, The Secret of the Unicorn, The Broken Ear, The Blue Lotus etc…

Asterix movies:

Astérix is a show that is based on a comic book series. It follows the adventures of a group of Gauls as they resist the Roman occupation. The show is funny, educational, and perfect for children who are interested in history:

Asterix in Britain:

All-Time Classic! From their gallic village Asterix and Obelix set out on a mission to deliver a barrel of their druid's famous magic potion to help Asterix's cousin in Britain fight off the invading Roman army.

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix:

Cultural websites with games and stories:

Le Louvre Museum:

Stories, seasonal tales and more to be enjoyed by children 7-11 at home and at the museum available on Louvre Kids App or on the website:

Bayeux Tapistry:

Create your own Bayeux tapestry with this software:!/

Palace of Versailles:

Well illustrated and designed to be both fun and informative, the game booklets available on this page help your children learn about various places of the Estate:

How to draw the Eiffel Tower:

How to draw the Eiffel Tower in 3D (for very good artists):