GSO Test

GSO Test

How to be a French superhero

In the summer term of 2023, Year 2 pupils really enjoyed our Superheroes topic in French. By pretending to be the characters, the pupils have learnt the language and participated fully during the lessons. The key verbs ‘I am called…’ (je m’appelle..), ‘I live…’ (j’habite…), ‘I am…’ (je suis…), ‘I have…’ (j’ai…) and ‘I am able…’ (je peux…) are all high frequency verbs and are very useful and will be used in other future scenarios. Well done Year 2 (who have now moved up to Y3!). Here are some examples of their great work:
  • Abdalaziz

  • Alice

  • Ben

  • Genevieve

  • Hannah

  • James

  • Niamh

  • Olivia

  • Quinn

  • Rafa

  • Ryan

  • Sophie

  • Toby