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Pastoral Support

It is always a priority for us to do all we can to make children's school experience a positive and happy one. There will, however, inevitably be times when some children will encounter difficulties and need extra support. Whether this be due to circumstances at home or within school, we encourage children to share with us any worries they have. It is also quite common for parents/carers to approach us to discuss concerns they have about some aspect of their child's well-being.

In many cases, the class teacher or teaching assistant is able to offer the support needed. When a more specialist level of intervention is needed, we have a full-time Learning Mentor, Mrs Helena Harne,  in school to involve. Her role is to support children with any emotional, personal, social or behavioural issues they have. In circumstances where we have identified the need for some additional support, Mrs Harne will take individuals or small groups of children away from class for a short period. Sometimes this will just be giving the child a little time and space to talk, share any worries or be offered some encouragement and guidance. In other cases, there will be an ongoing programme of support, which may involve other children in activities to help build personal and social skills.

Mrs Harne will also liaise with parents and carers, and is always very willing to make herself available to talk to anyone who is concerned about their child's welfare. She can be contacted by telephone through the School Office, or via email at:

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We also have put together a range of resources and links to help parents/carers support childrens' well-being (both physical and mental) at home. These are on our Home Learning Resources page here: 

If parents or carers have any concerns about their child's health or welfare, we can also arrange for a discussion or appointment with the school health team. In addition, if we believe that a child's emotional needs require more specialist support than we can offer we will arrange for a confidential discussion with you to consider this. For example, it may be that a referral to CAMHS (the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) is appropriate.