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Maths activities

Our Maths subject leader, Mr Jones, has offered to try to help with any maths queries you may have (some he will address directly, others he may direct to the relevant class teacher if it's more appropriate). He can be contacted via:

Click on the icons for websites for which we have school subscriptions. Email your child's teacher or the school office if you need a login reminder for any of the programmes.

   All children from Y1 - Y6 have a login

          A fun and challenging programme to improve times tables.


 For number recognition, addition and subtraction skills.

For more information on this new programme suitable from F2 upwards, click here:  NumBots Guide for Parents/Carers

 Other useful websites:

  • Oak National Academy: daily maths lessons for all ages
  • Video Lessons from NCETMthese are a series of short, focused maths lessons that we'd recommend from the National Centre for the Excellence of Teaching in Mathematics. There are lessons for KS1, Lower KS2 (Y3/4) and Upper KS2 (Y5/6)
  • Maths Home Lessons (from I See Maths): online lessons for both KS1 and KS2, with more being added daily.
  • White Rose Maths - Problem of the Day:  Every year in March, a group of  top national maths experts  create daily maths problems for KS1 and KS2 children. If you browse through the menus, you can access an archive of problems from the last 3 years. Why not set your child (and yourself!) a problem a day to solve? There are also problems for older children if you have children at secondary school. If you need any advice, contact Mr Jones as above.
  • Twinkl: enter your details and use the code UKTWINKLEHELPS to gain free access for a month. This will help you access many age appropriate activities and PowerPoints, along with worksheets should you wish for your child.
  • TopMarks: This is a commercial site that has literally hundreds of activities for Maths and English for all ages from 4-11. You can do a few free ones, but then there's a subscription (£7.99 a month each for Maths and English, or £12.99 for both). Please don't think we are saying you need to do this by any means, but if you wanted to invest it does look useful as the activities give an instant, right or wrong response, and all very child friendly (if you have more than one child, a single subscription would give full family access).

More challenging maths suggestions:

  • Puzzles and Problems for Y1 - Y6: These set of problems were created way back in 2000, but are still popular with teachers today as they contain so many well thought through maths puzzles focusing on logic and reasoning skills. Highly recommended - and with solutions at the end for grown-ups if needed! You could view them on screen, print a few or just use scrap paper to transpose some quite easily.

NCETM Maths Mastery Documents: These booklets are for children who need an extra challenge. The first section has information on what Mastery means, before reaching a set of activities. The Mastery column questions are tricky and Mastery with Greater Depth are even trickier. With some adult support, these are a great resource if your child is an able mathematician and likes a challenge!