GSO Test

GSO Test

Music, Film and Arts

  • Mrs Cook's weekly singing assembly! Each PowerPoint includes words and music (if you don't have PowerPoint on your device you can download the App for free):

Week 08/06: Refuge

Week 18/05: Higher and Higher

Week 11/05: In Summer

Week 04/05: I'm Gonna be your Friend

Week 27/04: Don't Stop Thinking

Week 20/04: You've got a friend in me

Week 13/04: A Million Dreams

Week 06/04: Count on Me

Week 30/03: Build It High

  • Hungry Caterpillar creative play session for 2-5 year olds: kindly made available by one of our parents Sarah West-Valstar
  • Spring Rain and Spring Sunshine: Two further dance sessions also provided by Sarah, suited to slightly older primary children.
  • Tate Kids: a great website from the Tate Gallery with practical activities for children and families.
  • IntoFilm resources: our Film Club provider has provided these links. So if your child watches one of the films that are listed, you could then use the activities to turn it into an engaging learning opportunity.
  • Literacy Shed film clips/activities: in school we often use short film clips as a stimulus for discussion and writing. These resources are now available for free home use. The short films are really worth watching in themselves; here's the link to them, along with resources and prompts you could use for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
  • Sing Up: this is an excellent site we use in school. They have now made resources to encourage families to sing and learn together at home; includes sections for 4-7 and 7-11 year olds and also with sign language/Makaton.
  • Nottingham Music Hub: this is the service we are partnered with for all of our music tuition in school. They have made online lessons available for all children, with or without instruments, so anyone can access this. Children currently receiving tuition  would particularly benefit from these to help them continue their lessons.
  • Chrome Music Lab: a website that makes learning music much more accessible through fun, hands-on activities. It can be used on any device that has Chrome as a web browser.
  • Music Express: free until the end of August, with over 400 songs available.
  • Young Voices / Urban Strides (street dance group): those children who took part in Young Voices earlier in the year will be interested in accessing these live  but again it's open to all. These are both only available through Facebook so viewing is only possible if parents can access this.
  • Shakespeare Unplugged; featuring lessons from the Royal Shakespeare Company, ideal for our Y5/6 children who have enjoyed studying  Shakespeare plays this year.