GSO Test

GSO Test

PE & Sport Premium

The PE and Sport Premium is a government funded payment aimed at improving and increasing the provision for physical activity in school. Schools currently receive £16,000, plus an additional £10 per child in Year 1 to 6, per year.

At Middleton, we believe that Physical Education is a hugely important part of the curriculum and we pride ourselves on offering children many opportunities to engage in sports and exercise, both during and after school. Our funding is used in various ways, including:

  • Employing specialist coaches to come into school, providing high quality teaching and offering new sporting opportunities (e.g. fencing, archery, lacrosse).
  • Taking all of our Key Stage 1 children to the National Ice Arena for a series of ice-skating lessons.
  • Participating in many sporting competitions and festivals.
  • Improving the PE resources available to children at school.
  • Offering professional development to our teachers, to enhance their teaching of PE lessons.

For more detail on how our funding is used and the positive impact it has, please read the report below: