GSO Test

GSO Test

Phonics at Middleton

Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) is a way of teaching children to read,
write and spell. The sounds that children learn are taught in a specific,
systematic order (not alphabetically) so that children can begin to
build words from these sounds as early as possible. Phonics supports children to hear, identify and link the sounds that letters make (phonemes) to what the letters look like when written down (graphemes). This helps children to recognise and read words, using knowledge of the sounds to read new or unfamiliar words.

The SSP programme that we have adopted at Middleton is Rocket Phonics, part of the Reading Planet scheme.

For an overview of our approach to phonics within the Middleton curriculum, click here:

The following links have more detailed information on Rocket Phonics:

Our staff have created these videos to show how daily Rocket Phonics lessons are taught at Middleton:

  • F2 Blending, part 1

  • F2 Blending, part 2

  • F2 Blending, part 3

  • F2 Blending, part 4

  • F2 Blending recap

  • F2 Segmenting 


  • F2 Rocket words

  • Y1 Blending

  • Y2 input

  • Y2 workbook 1

  • Y2 workbook 2